Tips for Dining Out

It is a fact that people eat more in social situations, so it should come as no surprise that when you eat at a restaurant with others, you may have a tendency to eat more than you usually would. Talking while taking advantage of the bread baskets, butter, crackers and other items that appear on the table may fill you up before your entrée even arrives. Try these suggestions to ensure you can enjoy your meal comfortably:

  • Consider reviewing the menu online before you go so you have a relatively good understanding of what your options are.
  • If you know this restaurant offers large portions, ask the server to put half of your entree in a take-home box and serve the other half to you.
  • Steer clear of that bread basket.
  • Watch alcohol intake.
  • Drink at least one 8 oz glass of water before you leave your house.
  • If the restaurant has the best desserts in town, consider sharing one with others. Usually just a few bites of something sweet satisfies your sweet tooth.