Cancer Immunotherapy

Stomach (Gastric) Cancer

Your stomach is a muscular, hollow organ that serves as the body’s natural food processor. Located on the left side of your upper abdomen, it is highly elastic, stretching to accommodate the food and fluid you consume. Stomach enzymes help break down and digest food so it can move on through the digestive system.

Stomach cancer can start in any part of the stomach. Your doctor will consider the size and location of the tumor, along with other factors, before recommending one, or a combination of, the following treatments.

Surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy may be used to treat stomach cancer.

Currently, an immune checkpoint inhibitor is approved to treat certain stomach cancer diagnoses, including cancers that have metastasized (spread to other parts of the body) or recurred (returned), are positive for the biomarker PD-L1 as determined by an FDA-approved test, and have disease progression on or after two or more prior lines of specific therapy.